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Right To Repair Bill Reintroduced In California
A right to repair bill has been reintroduced in California after an earlier effort to push similar legislation through failed last year. State lawmakers will once again debate promulgating right to repair legislation which will compel device manufacturers to provide tools, parts, repair manuals, and other materials to independent repair outlets and consumers interested in repairing their devices on their own.

California Will Require City Buses To Be Electric Only By 2040
California is once again leading the charge in adopting a more environmentally friendly policy. After mandating solar panels for new developments not too long ago, the state has now decided to make it mandatory for all city buses to be fully electric by 2040. Mass transit agencies in California will be required to purchase electric buses only starting in 2029 and all public transit routes have to be populated by […]

California Approves Building Code To Make Solar Panels Mandatory
It was only a matter of time before this happened and now it’s official. Most new homes in California will now be required to have solar panels on their rooftops. This is the first building code of its kind that was approved by the Building Standards Commission this week. There are some exceptions, though, but the code will apply to most new homes in the state.

Companies In California Now Required To Include Women On Their Boards
California Governor Jerry Brown has signed a bill into law which makes it mandatory for publicly traded companies headquartered in the state to have women on their board of directors. The companies are now required to have at least one woman on their boards by the end of next year and will then be required to have up to three by 2021 depending on how many directors in total are […]


California Commits To 100 Percent Renewable Energy Use By 2045
It’s not only major tech companies that are promising to shift all of their energy use to renewables, entire states in the U.S. are doing the same. California Governor Jerry Brown has signed a bill which will require the state to source electricity from 100 percent renewable sources by 2045. This step has been taken to combat climate change.

California Issues Permits To Test Out Self-Driving Cars
When one talks about a self driving vehicle these days, it does not seem to elicit much excitement, as it sounds as though everyone has already started to dip their respective fingers into a potentially lucrative “cookie jar”, so to speak. Having said that, here we are with the great state of California issuing permits to those in the industry who would want to test out self-driving cars. In other […]

California Resort Lifts Ban On Apple Imposed Back In 1983
A luxury resort based in California, the La Playa Carmel, has lifted a 30 year ban on Apple after a company retreat turned in to more of a college beer blast, as described by Frank Rose who is the author of “West of Eden: The End of Innocence at Apple Computer.” Simply called La Playa back in 1983, this resort was one of Steve’s favorites for holding offsite meetings. Back then […]

Free digital textbooks in California
It seems that the cost of living is rising everywhere you turn – gas, education, medical care, the works! All but your salary, and when it comes to education, college students will be able to identify with the fact that they spend thousands of dollars on textbooks which will only be used for a few months, or just several semesters. The state of California has decided to ease the financial […]

California stays green as utilities are powered by 20% renewable energy
It seems as though California leads the nation in the green movement, whether it be its clean air bus fleet or large number of park conservation organizations, it is a role model to other states who aspire be more green. This notion continues to be true as state regulators announced yesterday in a report that California’s big three investor-owned utilities(Pacific Gas & Electric, San Diego Gas & Electric, and Southern […]

California: Illegal to throw away singing cards
Companies like Hallmark make plenty of money all year round with the kind of merchandise they have on offer, and there seems to be a card for every occasion now, be it births, deaths, anniversaries, festivals (religious or otherwise), you name it, they have it. Pretty pictures emblazoned across the front side of the card with meaningful words printed inside are no longer enough to capture the attention of the […]

Minimum energy efficiency standard for battery chargers in California
Going green is big business, and also quite an issue to debate about among different circles – corporate, political or otherwise. Take note that a 3-0 vote today saw the California Energy Commission adopt a minimum energy efficiency standard for battery chargers. This would mean California achieves yet another first, being the first state in the US to adopt such a resolution. Why would Californians do that? After all, many […]

Parents can control child's Facebook page with new bill
California, the Golden State, might soon see parents being given the legal authority to control their child’s Facebook page if a new bill under consideration is passed, of course. Facebook won’t be the only site affected by this bill as other social networking sites will also fall under a similar law. This new bill will allow parents to remove personal information on childrens’ accounts at their request, and it has […]

California might ban phones in prisons
The Golden State, California, has just inched closer to approving the ban of cell phones in prisons there. The state’s Public Safety Committee has just approved a new bill which intends to crack down on the smuggling of cell phones (we would say that smartphones also fall under that category) into the state’s prisons. This new law will include tough penalties for smugglers as well as inmates, where current law […]

Drug dispensing robots increase hospital efficiency and accuracy
One of the most important aspects of being a pharmacist is the ability to dish out accurate amounts of required medication. When you have hundreds of patients to deal with everyday, the job gets tiring, tedious and mistakes are bound to happen. But not at the University of California, San Francisco. A robotic drug dispensary system is used to pack medication for patients that seek treatment at the university. Prescriptions […]

Nevada has single largest solar power plant in the country
Nevada, aiding California in its effort to generate 20% of its juice from renewable sources before 2010 is over, has just announced that the Copper Mountain Solar Facility is up and fully operational. In fact, it has already generating power, where the 775,000-panel plant is rated to produce a max of 48 megawatts of electricity across its 380 acre field. Now this is clever use of the large tracts of […]

Ubergizmo will be live @ NVIDIA GTC in San Jose, California
Hi guys and gals! We will be covering the GPU Technology Conference (GTC) at the San Jose Convention Center, San Jose, California at 9am PST today. What’s GTC all about? Well, since GPUs have been hailed to be the future of computing, GTC 2010 will be the event where one is able to learn more about the seismic shifts in GPU computing, preview disruptive technologies and emerging applications, obtain tools […]

E-Personators to be Jailed in California if New Law is Signed
Wanting to commit identity fraud? Of course you don’t, dear UberGizmo readers, as there are talks of a new law that can send Internet impersonators to prison if signed by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. And we’re not talking just criminals, but pranksters, activists, and satirists could be affected. If and when the law is signed, California e-personators may face up to a year in jail and fines up to $1,000 if […]

San Diego schools go solar
The San Diego Unified School District Board of Education recently approved a contract with Amsolar, where they agreed to build and operate 5.2 megawatts worth of solar panels on its properties. Amsolar is a specialist when it comes to solar projects, especially schools, hence a resulting in a rather unorthodox space-for-electricity financing model. Schools will have Amsolar build and operate solar projects on their rooftops, where Amsolar will own, operate, […]