Cotton-Candy-Hard-DriveFor the computer builder enthusiast, we’re sure that some of you guys probably have old and unused, maybe even spoilt hard drives lying around, but what can we do with them? Having them sit in the corner and collect dust is one option, but what about turning them into a cotton candy machine? Wait, what? It seems that a rather enterprising engineer in China who runs a hard drive repair and recovery store did just that with some hard drives he had lying around. Making use of the hard drive and it’s rotating mechanism, a plastic basin, bicycle spokes and a round flat metal tin, he managed to churn out several successful cotton candies! Of course we’re not sure how tasty they are, although from the photos they don’t look half bad. Pretty cool idea, huh? For those interested in trying this out for yourself, there are instructions at MIC Gadget should you wish to embark on your cotton candy making project.

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