samsung logo 5Just a few days ago, we brought you word that Samsung had announced a new slew of V-NAND SSDs, that ought to change the way we use SSDs, and this time around, it would be the long standing champion of massive storage space that will gain a leader. Yes sir, the world of hard drives will be on the receiving end of a massive 16TB worth of storage space, thanks to the South Korean conglomerate.

Basically, Samsung being the maker of the world’s largest hard drive is not too hard to imagine, taking into consideration their expertise in this particular field. The upcoming device is said to boast of 16TB of storage space, as it was announced at California’s Flash Memory Summit recently. How did Samsung manage to achieve this feat? They apparently made use of a stacking technique for the memory within the standardly-sized product, so that it is able to cram in way much more memory as opposed to what is being done at the moment.

Right now, the largest capacity hard drives could fit approximately 10TB of storage space, and these capacities tend to be used by businesses that will see such hard drives slotted into servers, With Samsung’s new 256Gbit (32GB) NAND flash die, that is double the capacity of 128Gbit NAND dies, a 16TB hard drive is possible, and you can be sure that it will not come cheap, either, with speculation pointing to a minimum price point of $7,800 by analysts.

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