dicapac-waterproof-camera-case--02[Imaging Week] When it comes to taking digital cameras into the water, there’s the hard way and the easy way of doing things. You can get a custom-built plastic case that has complex sealed buttons that let you use your camera almost normally while keeping the water out, or there is the solution of putting the camera in a bag, and sealing it! Released a while ago, Dicapac got inspired by the second option, and their waterproof case is more or less a bag with a finger-sleeve (not on all models) and a special section for the lens. It’s simple, fits a bunch of different camera and works pretty well if you’re not doing any kind if serious diving photography. I never had the opportunity to play with one before, so I was curious.

The concept works very well for some users, but it has some drawbacks as well: if your camera is too small, it may become loose and require more attention than you would care for. Secondly, there’s “air” in the bag, so if you let it go, it will probably float back to the surface. This could be a good thing if you snorkel, but it’s not so hot if you’re actually diving a bit deeper. Finally, this is really for “point and shoot” cameras. If you need to push buttons and turn wheels all the time, it would probably drive you nuts… but again, it’s much cheaper than the complicated case that only works on one camera. Which one would you go for? [Dicapac page]

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