If you’re not an avid couch potato, then you probably have a hard time finding what to watch on a regular basis. Sure – you can go the safe route and watch popular shows like Game of Thrones and Mad Men, but did you also know there’s a channel out there that shows reruns of Good TImes on a regular basis? DirecTV is going to be making searching for programming on its service a little easier this summer when they release their voice search feature for their smartphone app.

DirecTV’s voice search function is a step above its DVR’s ability to already search for content on its service, expect now you can talk into your smartphone in order to help find what you want to watch instead of spending several minutes typing in through text. The feature will be able to recognize natural language commands instead of specific cue phrases, which has always felt unnatural when using services like Xbox’s Kinect. You’ll also be able to search for on-demand, pay-per-view and upcoming content while also filtering the results based on the actors, title and other variables.

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