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Voice Search Coming To Sony Google TV Set-Top Box
Sony NSZ-GS8 brings voice search to Google TV set top box arena.

Google Chrome Updated To Include Conversational Search
Google rolled out an update for its Chrome web browser to include conversational search.

DirecTV Launching Voice Search Feature To iOS, Android App This Summer
If you’re not an avid couch potato, then you probably have a hard time finding what to watch on a regular basis. Sure – you can go the safe route and watch popular shows like Game of Thrones and Mad Men, but did you also know there’s a channel out there that shows reruns of Good TImes on a regular basis? DirecTV is going to be making searching for programming […]

Google Voice Search updated with support for 13 new languages
Android users, if English is not your first language or if you have an accent that Google Voice Search does not seem to be able to grasp, you might be interested to learn that Google has officially updated their Voice Search feature on Android devices, adding an additional 13 languages to the mix which also brings the total amount of languages supported to 42! These 13 new languages include Basque, […]


Google Voice Search recognizes thick accents in challenging conditions
The folks over at Google Australia were wondering how come not many people in the country were using its Google Voice Search app despite it being able to understand Australian accents. So in order to prove a point, they decided to visit the South Australian desert, set up a long distance voice search – 50 meters to be exact, and put Google Voice Search to the test.

Unofficial Twitter Multilingual Voice Search launched
Do you remember the unofficial Google Multilingual Voice Search that was launched quite a while ago? Well, the folks behind it have expanded the service into additional territory: Twitter. Functioning in the same way as the Google Multilingual Voice Search, the Twitter Multilingual Voice Search lets users search Twitter using their voice, making use of different languages.All you have to do is select the Speech-to-Text Language, click on the microphone […]

Google Voice Search on desktop being tested
Remember we mentioned that Google Chrome 11 brings support for voice input that works with Well it looks like Google has unveiled more plans to make use of voice input on the web. Google has been reportedly testing out the voice input feature for their regular search engine as well.

Apple looking to bring voice search to iOS?
Could Apple be looking to improve on the voice recognition capabilities of iOS? Job postings from Apple have shown that the fruity company is looking to hire folks to fill posts such as a Speech Application Engineer, Speech Recognition Engineer and Senior Speech Research Scientist. The company prefers engineers who have experience with Nuance Recognizer, IBM WebSphere Voice, Google Voice Search or similar voice search tools. Considering how often folks […]

Android's Google Voice Search Gets Personal and Learns Your Voice
Google has just announced an update to Google Voice Search for Android–the update requires Android 2.2 Froyo or higher and is now available as a free download or upgrade in Android Market. In the new Google Voice Search settings, there is an option for “Personalized recognition,” which when enabled will “begin to associate the recordings of the words that you ask us to recognize with your Google account.” This helps […]

Google Maps 4.0 For BlackBerry Offers A Bunch Of New Features
BlackBerry users out there have something to dance about as the latest version of Google Maps for BlackBerry, version 4.0, offers a whole bunch of updates, making it more useful and user friendly. The most noticeable change will be the inclusion of voice search, not to mention the ability to view and update Google Buzz. The software will now also sync with your history, allowing you to quickly pull […]