dna-machineJust how much genius is there in the world? There will always be prodigies in our midst, and the Fred and Gus Turner brothers are lumped under that specially gifted group. After all, 17-year-old Fred with straight brown hair and 14-year-old brother Gus who is the proud owner of curly red hair, were teased often enough that they have different fathers, leaving Fred to make use of the situation by building a DNA testing machine, now how about that?

Fred relied on different bits as well as parts from a host of household devices, including a video player. In a nutshell, Fred Turner has successfully constructed a polymerase chain reaction machine, where it is capable of magnifying DNA strands for lab analysis purposes, with the main goal of . His goal of proving that Gus was the beneficiary of genetic mutation which resulted in his curly red hair. Of course, the efforts of Fred proved to be fruitful and accurate, they both of them come from the same father, and along the way, he picked up the gong of being the UK’s Young Engineering of the Year, in addition to earning a place to further his studies at Oxford, taking up the biochemistry course.

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