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A DNA Computer Can Compute The Square Root Of 900
Yes, a computer made from the DNA strands in a test tube, can calculate the square root for numbers up to 900.If you’re curious, you can check out the Wikipedia page to learn more about DNA computing – it is indeed a thing if you did not know.Chunlei Guo and a couple more members at the University of Rochester in New York state developed this computer, which utilizes exactly 32 […]

A Big Chunk Of Results From Consumer DNA Tests May Not Be Accurate
There are quite a few companies out there selling direct-to-consumer genetic tests, these include the likes of and 23andMe. A new study concludes that a significant number of DNA results obtained from such tests may not be entirely accurate, up to 40 percent, according to the study.

Microsoft And UW Store 200MB Using DNA Medium
By successfully writing and reading 200MB of data stored in DNA strands, Microsoft Research and the University of Washington have broken a scientific record. Storing information in DNA structures is interesting because it has a higher data density as current electronic technologies.

DNA Capable Of Storing Memory For 2,000 Years
Purchasing a brand new hard drive to stash away all of your precious memories is one thing, but to make sure that those memories will be able to last is another. From time to time, it would be best to make a backup of your backup – just in case Murphy’s Law hits. Well, flash memory seems to have pervaded many different kinds of technology these days, and we have […]


A Single Strand Of Hair Is Enough To Construct An Image Of Criminal's Face
Step aside Sherlock! Scientists have come up with a way to track the murderer even faster than you. With the advancement in science and technology, scientists are employing DNA left by the criminal at the crime scene to re-construct the face. Well, it does sound like a plot of some sci-fi movie, but it is surprisingly true. By putting the genetic markers from DNA to use, scientists can build the […]

Small Robots Could Steal DNA Samples From Targets
Now this particular report can be chilling – it does sound as though it hails from the bowels of some science fiction novel, but Harvard professors have issued a warning that ‘privacy is dead’, making predictions that robots as small as the size of a mosquito could very well do its bit to steal samples of one’s DNA down the road. Would this allow unscrupulous acts of stealing DNA? Who […]

OK Go Has Plans To Release Album As DNA
Does it pay to go against the grain? I suppose the answer would be a resounding yes, if you happen to be one who loves to indulge in breakthrough projects and make a name for yourself on the scene. While majority of the bands and musicians out there do happen to roll out their brand new album in the form of MP3s, as well as on other antiquated media such […]

NEC Portable DNA Analyzer aims for 30 minute identification window
[CEATEC 2013] How many of you out there want to be forensic scientists after watching TV series such as CSI (Crime Scene Investigation)? Isn’t it just wonderful that an insanely difficult case can be cracked in an hour on TV with commercials thrown into the mix, while in the real world, there are plenty of unsolved cases, or at least cases where the leads have turned so cold? Perhaps if […]

Human DNA Retrieved From Public Places Used To 3D Print Portraits
3D printing has certainly taken off in the past couple of months as we’ve seen it produce some amazing products such as designer eyewear, a bionic ear and even a kidney. But this latest feat of 3D printing is both amazing and creepy at the same time as an artist has used DNA to print 3D portraits of people.Artist Heather Dewey-Hagborb retrieves the DNA from her subjects by stumbling onto them during her […]

Panasonic DNA Testing Lab
Yesterday, we saw a precocious teenager come up with a DIY DNA testing machine, simply as part of an effort to make sure that the world will no longer tease he and his brother that they have a different father each, but the fact that his younger brother’s curly red hair is due to genetic mutation. Well, here is something else to do with DNA, where Panasonic has come up […]

DIY DNA Testing Machine
Just how much genius is there in the world? There will always be prodigies in our midst, and the Fred and Gus Turner brothers are lumped under that specially gifted group. After all, 17-year-old Fred with straight brown hair and 14-year-old brother Gus who is the proud owner of curly red hair, were teased often enough that they have different fathers, leaving Fred to make use of the situation by […]

DNA Offers Cavernous Storage Option
Don’t you just hate it that technology moves at such a pace where you were once told that 640k would be more than enough for everybody, but it has been pitifully overtaken a long, long time ago. Even when it comes to storage options, we have moved from the 5.25” floppy disc to a 3.25” floppy, onwards to CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray discs with ever expanding hard drive sizes. It […]

DNA Bullet Marks Suspects For Arrest
SelectDNA, a UK company, has created a non-lethal high-velocity projectile that will leave a DNA marker on a suspect so that he or she can be identified at a later time. At first, it may sound like the projectile marks the suspect’s DNA, but that’s not the case. It’s just that the marker has a DNA nature to make sure that it is unique. That’s not the case for color […]

NEC DNA Analyzer Miniaturized
The word “miniaturize” is a very subjective word, and how small a particular device is really depends on what the original size is. Well, here we are with NEC and a DNA analyzer that has been shrunken down to the size of a suitcase. According to NEC, this particular DNA analyzer is capable of processing samples right at the crime or disaster scene, taking as little as 25 minutes to […]

DNA Stamper Concept
The DNA Stamper is a concept created by Jamie Thoms to make us think about how much we value our identity. He ask s: ” Who should have access to this information. Your partner? Family? The police?”. Here’s how the DNA Stamper works in Jamie Thoms’s own words:“The D.N.A. Stamper simulates extracting a sample of the users D.N.A. and uses this to stamp a consent form, to verify the user’s […]

Woolly mammoth to be given a second chance at life
Back in the year 2007, the frozen carcass of a one-month-old woolly mammoth calf was discovered in Russia. The mammoth was estimated to have been frozen for approximately 10,000 years. Though the mammoth has been long gone and dead, it appears that scientists are trying to give it another shot at life – through the power of cloning. Scientists are trying to extract the correct cells of the woolly mammoth […]