eizoEizo has just announced that they will be rolling out a couple of monitors of the 17” variety, where these monitors are no ordinary models. For one, they will be able to transmit audio as well as video, where they are capable of hooking up to computers over a local area network (LAN). The two models from Eizo would be the DuraVision FDS1702N and the DuraVision FDS1702NT, and whenever one connects the Eizo monitor to a remote PC over a network, it is also possible to send video and audio signal transmission over a long distance using a solitary LAN cable or via a wireless LAN.

These Eizo monitors cna also be used to control the PC either via a mouse and keyboard that are hooked by USB, or using the FDS1702NT’s touch panel interface. Other than that, it is also very possible to hook up other USB devices including USB flash drives, printers, external optical or hard drives, among others.

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