We recently covered a portable rotating dual/tri-panel monitor for laptops called Slidenjoy developed by a Belgium-based startup of the same name. They launched a Kickstarter campaign for their product and the campaign has proven to be a hit raising much more than the startup’s goal, around $530,000 as of this writing. Slidenjoy now wants a meeting with Mark Zuckerberg because they think their rotating monitor solution is perfect for Facebook employees, and they’re offering 10,000 Belgian fries portions in return.

Fries are actually from Belgium and not from France even though we commonly refer to them as “French Fries,” so Slidenjoy is counting on its national treasure to score a meeting with Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

The startup says that Belgian fries are the best in the world and Zuckerberg’s 10,000 employees will “thank him for it a long while” if he decides to meet with them, because only if he agrees Facebook employees get to dig into those 10,000 portions.

Charlie Jeunehomme who is the co-founder of Slidenjoy (photo below) has confirmed to Ubergizmo that they don’t mean this as a joke, they will actually do what they’re saying if Mark Zuckerberg agrees to meet them at the Facebook HQ in California so that they can show him their tri-panel monitor for laptops.

Come on Mark, you know you’ll love those fries!


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