eyeplusWhether one likes it or not, those living in large cities, eking out a living, would stay in an apartment. Mind you, I am referring to “shoeboxes” in essence, and definitely not one of those posh penthouses. The thing is, regardless of how small your apartment is, having a decent view is definitely worth looking into, and it would also ultimately affect the selling or rental price. Don’t you wish that your view was better than the unit five doors down? If that is the case, then the Eye+ is just the thing for you.

The Eye+ is actually a HDTV that can be hung on a wall, where this 46” HDTV will be able to play back special scenic videos for you and the rest of your family or guests to enjoy. Located around the bezel are optical sensors which will keep track of just where you are in relation to the screen, so whenever you look out of the Eye+ “window,” the video will be smart enough to shift its perspective, depending on your relative position. Pretty neat, no? The sensors and built-in microphones can even be used for remote security purposes, now how about that?

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