3D capable mobile displays haven’t gained much traction in the market as yet, but there is a way to transform a standard mobile display in to a 3D capable one. Researchers based in Singapore have developed a special film, called EyeFly 3D, which does just that. It is made up of 500,000 miniaturized lens like structures capable of measuring up to one-thousandth width of a human hair. Working with special Android and iOS apps, the film can render 3D content. Tests have revealed that while screen brightness remains the same after conversion, the actual resolution of the display might appear to have been lowered.

At this point in time EyeFly 3D film is only available for iPhone 5 and the iPod touch 5G. It can be pre-ordered right now, worldwide shipping costs will be included in EyeFly 3D’s $34.95 price tag till May 1st. Shipping is expected to start towards the end of April. The company says that in the coming months, the film will also be released for popular Android devices as well as the iPad. This is certainly a cheaper way to enjoy glasses free 3D on your mobile device, as opposed to purchasing a smartphone such as LG Optimus 3D Max.

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