The Federal Bureau of Investigation launched The Vault two years back. It contains scanned documents that have been made avaialble to the public under the Freedom of Information Act. It contains files on a plethora of topics, but the most popular record up till now is a single page memo called the Guy Hottel memo. Yes, it is an X-File.

The memo describes a report of a third hand account of three 50 foot wide flying saucers being discovered in New Mexico. Three bodies were supposedly also discovered, they were of human shape but only three feet tall. Given people’s fascination with extra terrestial life, this particular memo is the most read piece in The Vault. FBI only deemed it fit to reply, effectively saying that the Guy Hottel memo is not proof of another intelligent life form. They do reveal that J.Edgar Hoover had tasked the FBI to investigate UFO sightings after the Roswell incident in 1947. Insofar as the Guy Hottel memo is concerned, the source in the report was deemed so unreliable that the agency did not investigate the matter any further. “The mystery remains”, so says the FBI. Cue conspiracy theories.

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