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Apple Dropped Its Plan To Encrypt iCloud Backups After FBI Complained
Apple is always known to actively defend users’ privacy – no matter whether it is a court order.However, amidst all the chaos and FBI’s pressure, Apple seems to be dropping its plan to encrypt the backups in iCloud as reported by Reuters.To enhance users’ privacy on the cloud, Apple had plans to introduce encrypted iCloud backups for the customers. However, the FBI complained that the move will harm crucial investigations.Hence, […]

Texas School District Lost $2.3 Million In A Phishing Email Scam
Whenever we publish a security-focused article or news, it probably involves a warning to a phishing scam one way or another.However, this time, it is the Manor Independent School District that was a victim to an email phishing scam which resulted in the loss of approximately $2.3 million.Even though the Manor Police Department along with the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) is investigating the incident, it looks quite bad.They do […]

FBI Forensic Examiner Calls Apple ‘Jerks’ & ‘Evil Geniuses’ For Encrypting iPhones
As you might have heard, Apple and law enforcement don’t always see eye-to-eye, where previously the FBI expressed their frustration at the company for encrypting their iPhones, which makes it harder for law enforcement to gather evidence, and it seems that time hasn’t done much at quelling their dissatisfaction with the company.

FBI Task Force To Expose Social Media Manipulation By Foreign Nations
There has been a lot of debate about the manipulation of social media by foreign nations over the past year after reports that the Russians may have spread fake news through social media networks during the last presidential election. The FBI had announced the creation of a new task force late last year in light of the reports but didn’t really say what the task force would do. The agency […]


FBI's Fingerprint Analysis Software May Have Russian Code
The FBI and over 18,000 other law enforcement agencies in the United States use a software for analyzing fingerprints that may have Russian code, according to a new report. A subsidiary of the French company Safran Group reportedly purchased the code secretly from Russian cybersecurity firm Papillon Systems. This code was then included in the fingerprint analysis software that the Safran Group subsidiary sold to the FBI back in 2011.

FBI Says Not Having Access To Encrypted Data Is A Huge Problem
By now many of you guys are probably aware that the FBI is trying to gain access to our devices legally. The agency’s argument is that there could be evidence and information on the phones belonging to suspects that could prove vital to solving crimes and preventing incidents, but because suspects are not obligated to unlock their devices, there’s no way of knowing.

FBI Reportedly Advising Companies To Ditch Kaspersky Apps
When it comes to security apps for the computer, there are various software suites out there that you can use, and Kaspersky is one of them. However in a report from CyberScoop, it seems that the FBI is advising companies in the private sector to ditch Kaspersky’s apps, claiming that the company’s apps is an “unacceptable threat to national security”.

ISPs Can No Longer Tell Users If The FBI Is Investigating Them
A federal judge ruled back in 2013 that an ISP couldn’t be forced by the FBI to turn over users’ private data without the user being informed about it first. There has been a change in the law now, though, which means that ISPs no longer have to notify the user. A federal appeals court ruling handed down yesterday prohibits internet service providers, financial institutions, and phone carriers completely from […]

The FBI’s iPhone Cracking Tools Have Been Released To The Public
Last year thanks to the efforts by a company called Cellebrite, a set of cracking tools were developed for the FBI to help them break into an encrypted iPhone. This was after Apple had refused to help the FBI to break into the device, and also after they had refused to create a backdoor for the authorities.

Yahoo Wants The Government To Explain Why It Was Made To Scan Emails
A recent report revealed that Yahoo had to comply with a government order to scan incoming emails of all of its users as intelligence agencies like the NSA and FBI were looking for specific digital signatures belonging to a group of miscreants they were after. The company has predictably taken a lot of flak for this. It has now published a letter which calls on the government to explain why […]

Yahoo Reportedly Tweaked Spam Filter To Scan Emails For U.S. Government
It was reported recently that Yahoo complied with a secret order to scan all incoming emails of its users for the NSA and the FBI. The report claimed that Yahoo developed a special software program to make this happen. More details have emerged about how this came to be. The latest report claims that Yahoo tweaked a filter intended to screen emails for child pornography and spam to scan incoming […]

FBI Warns Foreign Hackers Compromised State Election Databases
The Federal Bureau of Investigation has come across evidence which reveals that foreign hackers have compromised at least two state election databases in the past few weeks. The bureau is warning election officials across the country to improve the security of their systems. There’s already a concern in the country’s intelligence circles that foreign hackers, particularly Russian state-sponsored hackers, could mount an attack to disrupt the presidential elections this November.

FBI Building AI To Track Tattoos To Identify Criminals
It is no secret that there are still many out there who associate tattoos with criminals. After all there are many good examples of how certain gangs use tattoos to identify their members, or like how certain tattoo designs are meant to symbolize acts of crime. Law enforcement has long relied on databases and books of photos to identify tattoos on criminals.

FAA Tests FBI’s Drone Detection Tool At JFK Airport
While drones do help with getting some amazing photos and videos from a high-up perspective, there’s a time and place for them. For example flying them near an airport is obviously a big no-no not only for security reasons, but for safety reasons as well. We know that the FAA has been looking at different ways to detecting drones and recently they might have borrowed some tech from the FBI.

FBI Director Blames Viral Videos For Spike In Violent Crime
From time to time, videos make their way onto the internet and become viral, meaning that people not even from the same country have probably seen it. Sometimes these viral videos are of amazing musical performances, sometimes they’re just of cats doing cute things, sometimes they’re of a baby brother biting the finger of his older brother, and sometimes they can be disturbing, like how some videos show police allegedly […]

The FBI May Or May Not Have Wiretapped An Amazon Echo
The always-on feature on devices like the Amazon Echo makes it infinitely more useful. After all what’s the point of issuing voice commands when one has to manually enable it first, right? However at the same time it makes it infinitely more dangerous as an always-on microphone has the potential to be hacked.

The FBI Spent $1.3 Million To Unlock The San Bernardino iPhone
As you might have heard, Apple had refused to oblige the FBI in trying to unlock the iPhone belonging to one of the terrorists in the San Bernardino shootings. The FBI eventually found a way around this by seeking outside help, although unfortunately it seems that so far, they have not found anything useful.

Nothing Useful Found Yet On iPhone FBI So Badly Wanted To Crack
The iPhone that belonged to the San Bernardino terrorist was at the center of the massive public spat that the FBI and Apple had a few weeks ago. The FBI wasn’t able to convince Apple to come up with a backdoor that would have allowed the bureau to access content on the device. It was able to get that done using outside help but as it turns out the FBI […]

Apple Won't Sue FBI To Find Out How It Cracked The iPhone
The spat between the FBI and Apple turned ugly as the bureau wanted Apple to create a backdoor which would allow it to access the San Bernardino terrorist’s iPhone 5c. Apple denied on the principle that it couldn’t set a precedent where it succumbs to government demands for user data. Amid all of the debate, the FBI suddenly announced that it had cracked the iPhone and its fight with Apple […]

FBI Director Says They Can't Crack iPhones That Came Out After iPhone 5c
The legal fight between the FBI and Apple might have ended for now but it did spark debate on users’ privacy and safety of their data. Apple held its ground and said that it wouldn’t create a backdoor that would set a precedent where a government comes in and demands that the company provide access to user data.