Whenever we publish a security-focused article or news, it probably involves a warning to a phishing scam one way or another.

However, this time, it is the Manor Independent School District that was a victim to an email phishing scam which resulted in the loss of approximately $2.3 million.

Even though the Manor Police Department along with the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) is investigating the incident, it looks quite bad.

They do have strong leads to proceed with the investigation – so that should get them more details in a few more days.

And, this case reminds us to stay alert and remain cautious for any email you received. Not just limited to emails – but anything online in general.

In this case, you will normally receive an email that poses itself as an organization or an individual that you can trust (usually mentioning something official).

But, you have to make sure that the source is legit, even though you have to visit the office to verify, it is totally worth it.

Of course, phishing email scams are quite common – so you might fall victim to something sophisticated (say ransomware). In either case, you have to aware of anything you click on or interact with online.

Once you make sure that you are clicking on something legit, you should have no problem whatsoever.

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