firefox-betaIt was not too long ago – just a couple of days ago, in fact, when we brought you word on Firefox 20 alongside its slew of improvements made to those who like the private browsing feature. Well, here we are with additional detail on Firefox Beta, where there have been changes made to the Do Not Track options, so read on if you are particular interested to know what are the amendments that have been thrown into the mix.


Basically, the latest Firefox Beta for Windows, Mac and Linux is ready for download and testing, and Do Not Track will now sport a trio of different options, namely “Do Track,” “Do Not Track” and “no preference”, where these are made available to the end user in order to better represent the user’s choice to opt-in or opt-out of online tracking. For those who want to gain access to the Do Not Track options, just indicate your preference by clicking on “preferences” followed by “privacy.”

You are also able to restore thumbnails on new tab page, which is a rather nifty feature as there are times when one can accidentally close thumbnails. Should that happen, there is the handy “undo” option that will restore said thumbnail.

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