Getting an app approved on the iTunes App Store is no easy task. Apple has strict guidelines that developers have to follow, or their apps wouldn’t be accepted. This is not the case with Google, who has often been criticized for its rather “open” app ecosystem for Android. Nevertheless Google regularly removes apps that are spam or are non-compliant. The company reportedly removed as much as 60,000 low quality apps in the month of February alone, making it the largest round of low quality app cleanup to date.

Google is a bit different from Apple when it comes to accepting apps. The latter has an army of reviews that check every app to make sure it complies with their guidelines. Google doesn’t do that, rather it scans Play Store after the apps go live. This greatly helps the company to improve its automated spam handling system. Google has a separate section in its policies which says that spam apps will definitely be removed, and developers are given a set of guidelines that they should follow so as to not have their apps branded as spam.

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