AT&T logoAT&T did drop hints in the past, but it is always nice to see something hinted before being made very, very real, as the company has released an official statement to confirm that HD Voice is well on its way to the masses, where the company’s timetable has scheduled a 2013 release. Right now, T-Mobile happens to be the only wireless carrier in the US which delivers nation-wide HD Voice, while Sprint’s offering is only available on its limited LTE network. Still, there are no smartphones which support HD Voice out of the box at the moment, although the iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S4, and HTC One do have plans to deliver HD Voice on T-Mobile.

This HD Voice rollout is touted to be part of the company’s voice over LTE strategy for the year, and since the network will transition voice calls from traditional connections to VoLTE, you can rest easy and be sure that there will be plenty of bandwidth available to handle HD Voice as and when the need arises. AT&T is also said to be working on a form of “advanced LTE” which will reduce interference as well as bond together traffic from various frequencies.

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