The New York Auto Show is currently going on in New York City until this Sunday, but Hyundai decided to show off its newest in personal mobility vehicles at the Seoul Motor Show last week. Hyundai’s E4U is a concept vehicle which was designed by the company’s Advanced Design Department and can actually be driven in any direction.

The E4U doesn’t use tires like a traditional vehicle would. Instead, it uses a rotating semispherical  part that spins horizontally. The semisphere is in a titled position to help generate drive, while two stabilizing wheels located at the rear of the vehicle keep it moving straight. Two pedals are located inside of the driver’s cockpit which allow the E4U to tilt in a certain way where it can be moved forward or backwards, depending on the pedal that has been pushed. The driver of the vehicle admits it does take some getting used to.

Hyundai’s E4U is still an early concept and is only able to deliver speeds that are similar to a walking pace, but hopefully Hyundai continues to research its concept to hopefully give us the egg-shaped personal transporters that we dream of having in the WALL-E film.

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