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This 3D-Printed Mechanical Toy Tank Is Nothing Less Than Amazing
3D Printing is slowly and steadily trying to make its move into the toy industry, and with this latest masterpiece created with the help of 3D printing technology leaves us wanting for more. The HMC Boudicca is a 20-inch multilevel walking tank and it is a treat to watch it work.It has been assembled with the help of 400 hand-painted, 3D printed parts and has been powered with Arduino-controlled servos, […]

Kokoro Scanner Intends To Tell Whether You Are Lying Or Not
It does look as though there is a wee bit of CSI element in this particular toy from Takara Tomy of Japan – basically, the Kokoro Scanner, as it is called, is being marketed to be a lie detector. How does it tell whether you are fibbing or not? Well, the level of your current physiological disturbance will be shown off in a shade of different colors, where this particular […] Thinks Of SmartDog Sales This Christmas ventures into a non-music related business idea - a smartdog toy.

Kidswalker NT Has Your Child Piloting Their Own Drill-Equipped Mech
Riding a fully-functional mech is probably extremely high on most people’s list, or at least people that could be considered to be extremely cool, and we might never get to see the day where we can ride a mech, a Japanese company is making it possible for your kids to do so.Sakakibara-Kikai created the Kidswalker NT, which is a miniature gas-powered exoskeleton which features a chest plate that flips up […]


Check out Red5's Spy Hawk: a remote control spy plane
Remote control helicopters were a fad not too long ago, but who needs that when you can fly a remote control plane, which also acts as spy vehicle collecting video as you fly. Red5 has just introduced its spy hawk plane, which comes with a 5 megapixel camera attached to the nose. The aircraft beams the video back to your 3.5-inch screen which is embedded in the controller. The plane can […]

Steve Jobs toy makers threatened by Apple?
Remember the realistic-looking Steve Jobs action figure that we reported about earlier this week? Well it looks like we may never get the chance to purchase them. According to a report from The Telegraph (which failed to quote any sources); Apple has sent a letter to the toy manufacturer, asking it cease sales of the 12″ Steve Jobs doll. Apparently in the letter, Apple mentioned that: “any toy that resembles […]

Beary Happi has an iPhone for a face
Remember when you were younger you had to play with your soft toys and make up stories in your head? You would move the toys and make silly voices by yourself to create conversations between your toys. But now thanks to technology, we don’t have to make use of our imagination anymore (for better or worse). One such product is the Beary Happi from Tipitap. Essentially an oversized iPhone case, […]

Kuchi-Paku Lion Animal Speaker
Here is something for the kids – the Kuchi-Paku Lion Animal Speaker which might just appeal to those who wish their kids had the experience of watching Lion King and getting enchanted by hand-drawn cartoons instead of all the computer rendered, 3D stuff which shows up at cinemas these days. “The lion speaks tonight”, or so the tagline goes, with this £38.99 purchase.Nice to know the Kuchi-Paku Lion Animal Speaker […]

Sifteo Cubes now available for pre-order
You know, back in the days when I was a wee lad, the only method of keeping myself occupied was a pencil and a sheet of paper, running around outdoors trying to catch some fish, or getting mental stimulation through the Rubik’s Cube. Those were the pre-Game Boy days, and today, you have children getting all sorts of high tech toys to tickle their imagination. You can Sifteo Cubes to […]

Hot Wheels RC Nitro Speeders have a scale speed of 600 mph
Hot Wheels upcoming remote controlled vehicles, the Nitro Speeders (which were shown off at the New York Toy Fair quite a while ago) are about to go on sale in a few months time. The tiny cars can go up to 8.3mph, which is said to be equivalent to 600 mph in the car’s 1/87th scale. Due to the cars’ fast speeds, users are going to have trouble maneuvering them […]

Remote controlled toy truck saves the lives of 6 soldiers
Who would’ve thought that the military would start using remote controlled toys to make their lives safer? Last week a staff sergeant named Christopher Fessenden who was on duty in Afghanistan, was sent a remote controlled toy vehicle that had a camera mounted on it as a present from his brother. When he loaned it to a group of soldiers who used the toy to check the road ahead of […]

Star Wars Millennium Falcon is remote controlled
Wish you could pilot your very own Millennium Falcon space ship? Well you could if you existed in the Star Wars universe, but since you don’t, it looks like you’ll have to be content with what you can get your hands on in Earth, which in this case would be a toy version of the ship from Hasbro’s Speed Stars series.

Canon EOS 7D camera makes an awesome piggy bank
If you’ve ever thought that a camera would make an awesome piggy bank – you’re not alone. Fortunately for you (and all camera lovers out there) there’s no need to hollow out that precious DSLR of yours to make a container to keep your treasure in. The folks over at Brando are selling a toy Canon EOS 7D with an EF 70-200mm lens that looks just like the real deal. […]

AppBlaster: Augmented Reality Gaming Accessory for iPhone
I am not a big fan of first-person-shooter games such as Call of Duty, since it make me feel killing real people (the graphics are too realistic) but this toy is fun and the game demoed in the video features really cool virtual creatures. The appBlaster, known as the appGun during its development by AppToyz, combine a plastic gun toy, an iPhone or iPod Touch and augmented reality, it lets […]

Don't buy the Dirt 3 special edition unless you want a $240 R/C car
Yesterday, news broke out that there would be a special edition of racing game Dirt 3 on Xbox 360 and PS3 that would cost a hefty $300! Where games on those platforms usually retail for $60, special editions usually don’t max out at more than $150 or so – that’s including special figurines, artwork, soundtracks, plastic Master Chief busts, night vision goggles or whatever the game publishers try to shoehorn […]

Dentsu Suwappu augmented reality toys look fun
Dentsu, an ad agency from Japan have come up with a concept for some new toys that do more than just pose and look cute. When you bring in an iPhone to the picture, the little figurines can tell a story, and interact with its environment – through the power of augmented reality. The top half of the toy gives the character personality, while the bottom half of the character […]

Remote controlled snake can't poison you
If you know someone who’s afraid of snakes and you’ve been planning to give him/her a scare to remember, National Geographic’s Remote Controlled Snake could be right up your alley. While it may be a bit too late for an April fool’s prank by the time you read this post, you could always use it on another day – who says that practical jokes can only be played one day […]

Machete slingshot is terrifying
What do you do when the kids or crows in your neighborhood are no longer afraid of your rock pelting slingshots? You bring out the big guns of course. And by big guns I mean the machete-tossing slingshot. A hobbyist named Joerg Sprave recently came up with this hell-raising weapon, and despite being made of mostly wood, it’s going to be something you’ll have trouble bringing through airport security. This […]

This RC car shoots and speeds
What’s cooler than a remote controlled, heavy duty, all-terrain vehicle? How about a remote controlled, heavy duty, all-terrain vehicle that shoots water? And that’s what the Remote Control Car with Water Gun is. A monster truck-type of vehicle that comes equipped with enough water to soak the shoes or pants of anybody that annoys you or makes fun of you for playing with a toy (it will hit their face […]

Magic 8 Thing answers your questions
If a regular Magic 8 Ball just doesn’t cut it for you and you don’t want to download one of the various free alternatives that you can find for your smartphone, making one on your own could do the trick. Called the Magic 8 Thing (because it’s not a ball), it does exactly what the Magic 8 Ball does – answers your yes or no questions that you’ve been dying […]