ReFlex Smartphone Lives Up To Its Name

Now here is a smartphone that many would be interested in – one that can flex and bend. Aptly called as the ReFlex, this happens to be a smartphone prototype which will merge an LG bendable 6” 720 x 1280 FOLED screen complete with multitouch capabilities, in addition to a sensor which is smart enough to figure out just the exact degree as to which the which the screen is […]

Apple iWatch Expected To Use Flexible OLEDs [Rumor]

It has been a couple of weeks since we heard of any drool-worthy rumors concerning Apple’s smartwatch, which is being called the iWatch at the moment. We recently heard rumors of Apple facing manufacturing issues with the device as well as its expected pricing and availability. Today, we’re hearing some new interesting rumors surrounding the iWatch, which includes its display technology and screen size.

LG Planning To Release Flexible OLED Smartphone This Year

LG has been working on flexible OLED displays for several months now, even going as far as predicting it would begin selling 60-inch flexible OLEDs by 2017. But before they can do that, they need to get these flexible OLEDs in the hands of consumers on a much smaller scale, which is why they’re reportedly planning to launch a smartphone equipped with a flexible OLED some time this year. The report comes […]

NHK develops flexible OLED display

NHK, Japan’s public broadcaster, is currently making leaps and advances on the development of thin, flexible displays – keeping their fingers crossed that a roll-up TV is on the cards sometime down the road. This is a task that NHK has been working on for several years now, and their latest prototype of the flexible OLED screen will be paraded at an open-day event at its R&D center in Tokyo […]


Toshiba flexible OLED display spotted

We have seen Toshiba’s potential Retina Display challenger earlier in the week, and now we have yet another display from Toshiba to keep your visual senses occupied – we are talking about a flexible OLED display that measures 3″ across diagonally, but is a mere 0.1mm thin – now that is super slim no matter which way you look at it! Of course, the good news does not stop there […]

Konica Minolta to mass produce flexible OLED lights

Konica Minolta aims to achieve yet another first in the world with the mass production of flexible OLED lights sometime later this year. This comes about after receiving the manufacturing technology from GE which relies on polymer light emitting materials and printing technologies to make it possible. They ain’t half bad in terms of lifespan as well, with the flexible OLED sheets hitting around 3,000 hours of offering a brightness […]

NHK shows off flexible OLED panel

NHK has shown off its latest flexible OLED panel that is driven by organic TFTs at OpenHouse 2010 that is currently happening in Tokyo over the entire weekend. Compared to its predecessor which was exhibited last year, this model boasts an improved resolution of up to four times – a vast improvement, but an expected one given the rate that technology progresses. Measuring all of 5″ across diagonally, this flexible […]

GE And Konica Minolta To Show Off Flexible OLED Lighting Panel

GE is planning to preview lighting application ideas that seem to have quite a bit of potential at Light + Building 1020 and LightFair 2010. At said shows, the company will be showcasing OLEDs in various configurations, especially in the flexible and ultra-thin form factor. With the flexible OLED materials that GE has, that can produce an energy efficient white light, made with a low-carbon manufacturing footprint, look like they […]

Sony shows off OLED all-display laptop concept

[CEATEC 2009] Sony is showing a few cool OLED prototypes: a reader, a bracelet and a laptop. The most eye-catching one is the all-display laptop that ditches the physical keyoard in favor of a virtual one. It looks amazingly light, but you can bet that no one was allowed to touch the concept displayed behind thick plexiglass. The display is flexible and Sony was demonstrating other panels playing video while […]

Stretchable OLED Displays From The Japanese

Trust the Japanese to come up with giant robots and the ilk – here we are with a new rubbery, stretchable OLED display which can be bent any way you want it without breaking. These rubber-like OLEDs won’t come in color at this point in time, offering only monochrome graphics with a maximum resolution of just 256 pixels. Hopefully the University of Tokyo team behind this will be able to […]