The Morephone is an interesting prototype, one that offers a glimpse of what mobile phones of the future may look like. It is based on a very unique concept, the phone has a flexible display and it subtly shape shifts instead of ringing whenever the user needs to be notified. For example, calls are often missed when one’s phone is on silent, but this concept certainly presents a fix for that problem.

Users are also able to customize how the Morephone “morphs,” this way users can ascertain on a single glance at the phone’s shape which type of alert they’re receiving. This prototype has been developed by researchers of the Human Media Lab at Queens University. It is evident from the video posted above that the Morephone is in no condition to hit the market, though the researchers believe that the technology will be ready for public release in the next five to ten years. However it is indeed amazing to watch this prototype morph when it needs to notify the user. I can only imagine what the phone would look like if there are a bunch of different notifications that make it morph in their own separate ways!

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