appleflexiblepatApple is a company (among many other companies these days) who treat patents like the new corporate “currency”, turning them into bargaining chips down the road – hey, you never know when you might need those old patents filed so many years ago, right? What you see above is actually a diagram that was spotted in an Apple patent application which appeared over at the USPTO as freshly as today, where it describes a “consumer electronic product”’s display.

Yes sir, this particular patent would involves manufacturing a device that relies on an open-ended transparent body, where glass would be a good example, and this will end up as a full wrap-around display whenever you unfurl a flexible AMOLED screen within it. Of course, this does not mean the entire surface of the flexible AMOLED will be used simultaneously, although a “detection mechanism” has been detailed, including a camera alongside facial recognition software which would figure out on its own just how much of the screen you are able to view, hence helping conserve juice since power is sent only to the relevant segments of the display.

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