Whenever there’s a major holiday, like Christmas or New Years and everyone is packed into one location, with well wishes being sent back and forth, it’s only natural that the mobile networks will start to experience some strain, and it does not look to be any different for the upcoming London Olympics 2012.

If you’re planning on blogging or tweeting live during the London Olympics 2012 via your mobile phone, get ready to be disappointed as London’s Mayor, Boris Johnson, recently came forward and admitted that due to the sheer amount of people going to be at the event, visitors and viewers of the various Olympic events may experience mobile phone blackouts. Not to mention that nowadays with more and more people adopting smartphones, the amount of data being consumed will be through the roof.

“We are doing a huge amount of work to ensure there is enough coverage.

“But we have got to be realistic, in the men’s 100m final people want to download huge quantities of data which will put a massive strain on the networks. We are looking to install enough masts and have enough physical infrastructure and coverage for the huge demands, I am confident we will crack it.”

However given that the London Olympics will be held next year, from now until then let’s hope that the city of London will be able to put up an infrastructure that will be capable of handling all the traffic. This will be crucial considering that staff and security will have to utilize smartphones to communicate with each other to relay important data.

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