Netflix subscribers are currently permitted to simultaneously stream two TV shows or movies on separate devices. This limit might not suit families who’d rather have one subscription take care of all their content streaming needs. Today the company has announced that soon it will be adding a new family plan that will allow four simultaneous streams on separate devices. This new family plan will cost subscribers in the U.S. $11.99.

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings and CFO David Wells mentioned this upcoming family plan in a quarterly letter to shareholders that was released today. However the company believes that only 1% of its entire user base will use the four stream family plan, as majority of its users are fine with their current subscription plan. This new plan is definitely going to help those who lend or borrow Netflix account credentials, and it will also open up a way for two people to go splitsies on a plan that offers four simultaneous movie or TV show streams on different devices. Would you sign up for this new plan and do you think it would be of any benefit to you?

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