ny-androidAll right, so New York’s finest might not have a Lamborghini to drive around and catch baddies in, but they do have some tools to help them in the eternal battle against crime. One of the latest tools in the Police Department’s crime-fighting arsenal would be a regular Android-powered smartphone, where approximately 400 phones have been distributed to officers to aid them in their patrol duty.

For instance, an officer can type in a particular building’s street address, where all it takes are just a few taps of the screen, and he will be greeted by a comprehensive collection of information right there in the palm of his hand. Imagine said officer gaining access to every resident’s name with an open warrant, arrest record or previous police summons, including domestic incident reports in the apartment, as well as residents with orders of protection against them, among others. This helps the police officers on duty to be able to identify just where are the particular “hotspots” and make sure that their presence would act as a deterrent for would-be crimedoers.

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