Nintendo’s Wii U might not be having the greatest launch so far, that hasn’t stopped the company from imagining new ways for its owners to interact with their console.

A new patent that has been granted to Nintendo this week highlights the ability to create a “remotely controlled mobile device control system.” What this means in not-so patent-like terms is Nintendo is describing a method of using something similar to its Wii Remote controller in order to embed it within a “remote controlled toy. The reason for this pair is in order to have the Wii Remote-infused toy interact with the game console.

Considering how popular video games that revolve around real-world toys, like Activision’s Skylanders series, we can certainly see there being a market for something like this if Nintendo can pull it off. Having a small, plastic toy being used in a game is one thing, but having a remote-controlled toy is a completely different thing, especially if that toy can pull off some awesome real-world moves.

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