pred_1Motorcycle helmets are designed primarily to protect the rider and their passenger, but we guess there will always be some bike riders out there who prefer form over function, in which case this Predator-themed motorcycle helmet will be of interest to them! Designed by Russian company, NLO-Moto, it should be noted that these helmets have not been certified for road use, especially since the shell will limit the visibility of the driver, meaning that you will most likely get into trouble with the law if you’re caught with it, not to mention you could find yourself in an accident as well, especially if your view is obstructed!

In any case if you don’t plan to take it on the road, or plan to use it for other purposes, the Predator helmet can be customized according to your wants. Starting at a base price of $780, NLO-Moto offers their customers the choice of adding on extra accessories, such as a protective face shield, improved graphics and engraving, airbrushing, carbon fiber tips for the Predator’s dreadlocks, teeth, a carbon fiber shell, and best of all, a laser-controlled aimer!

This looks interesting but we recommend that you do your homework before thinking of getting one. The feedback about this on the Web isn’t so great. For example, watch the video below. The image above actually looks like the one that is built by Nitrinos.

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