A Remora is a fish that attaches itself onto larger marine life, such as sharks, dugongs, manta rays, and whales, and this is precisely why this unmanned air vehicle (UAV) has been named such.

Spotted at an exhibit belonging to the rapid response/irregular warfare directorate, much like the fish it has been named after, the Remora UAV attaches itself onto the underbelly of a larger UAV, such as a Predator drone. While it looks like a plane/drone, the Remora UAV is actually a bomb which will be released when the host UAV nears its target. It will then be guided to its target by remote control, thus allowing for a greater degree of precision.

For players of Blizzard’s real time strategy game, Starcraft, this is pretty similar in concept to the “Carrier” unit, which releases a swarm of drones to do its attacking for them. If you’re interested in seeing a simulation of the Remora drone in action, check out the video below.

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