Ubisoft announced in February its once Wii U exclusive Rayman Legends was not only receiving a lengthy delay from it’s original release date of February 26 to sometime in September, but that it was also no longer going to be exclusive, instead also seeing a release on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. To make up for this upsetting news to Wii U owners, Ubisoft announced it would be making a completely exclusive Rayman Legends challenge mode in April completely for free. Today, Ubisoft is announcing some more details as to what it’ll include.

The upcoming second demo for Rayman Legends will include four levels, with one of them being completely exclusive to the Wii U called “Murfy’s Dungeon.” The demo will feature the game’s newly introduced online challenge mode which will continually update itself with new daily and weekly challenges, with each challenge including its own set of leaderboards. The new demo is said to be coming in “late-April,” which we hope doesn’t mean April 30th as we definitely need our Rayman fix sooner rather than later.

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