yanktonIt seems that the Yankton Police Department has a powerful new ally in their midst, and it does not need to be trained for years – although having the right kind of algorithms would certainly come in handy. Basically, the Yankton Police Department has purchased a new robot which can scout potentially dangerous scenes right before officers make the decision to barge in.

Officer Michael Burgeson mentioned to KCAU-TV that in the line of duty, there are moments when a situation which could possibly involve a gunman cannot be avoided, and in order to minimize the risk of the loss of life, the police department will instead send out the robot to the particularly suspicious area before officers follow up. Just a few hundred dollars were spent in order to ensure the robot has been deemed certified for state and local law enforcement agencies to purchase used military equipment. In fact, this robot has already received a nickname – R2-D2, in honor of the droid that could in the Star Wars film franchise.

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