Sometimes, the ingenuity of some folk that you come across online is definitely worth writing home about. Case in point, French YouTube user ioduremetallique has shown the world that with a little bit of tinkering around robots (as well as being equipped to the brim with a whole load of knowledge on robotics), one is able to play tricks on the machine world. Sure, we have seen some intelligent robots in the past, such as those that can assemble your IKEA furniture, in addition to a vending machine that is smarter than your average garden snail, but here we are with ioduremetallique’s shenanigans that enables one to steal a drink from a vending machine.

Yes sir, basically, ioduremetallique manipulated the vending machine’s robot arm in a way where it would grab a can of soda inside, and drop it down the chute of the vending machine without having to insert a single coin or currency note. I suppose it will not be long before the company behind such a vending machine takes the necessary “thief proof” measures so that such a video would not make its way online, ever again.

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