Earns Best Buy

Back in March Samsung announced that it was partnering with Best Buy to open Samsung Experience shops within its stores. The purpose of these small shops within Best Buy stores is to educate shoppers about Samsung products. The Korean company announced that their Experience shops will take roughly 460 square feet of space and will begin functioning from April 8. Don’t worry if you haven’t seen any of them yet. Samsung and Best Buy have inked an agreement to keep these mini shops going for the next three years.

After these three years pass, executives from both companies will evaluate perform, and based on this performance they will decide whether they would like to continue the arrangement or not. Only a few have cropped up in Best Buy stores up till now but the retail giant claims to have received positive feedback from shoppers up till now. Samsung hopes that the Experience mini shops will be open in all Best Buy stores across the country by June. This deal is of great importance as it further increases Samsung’s clout on Apple’s home turf, where the latter still reigns supreme.

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