EA and Maxis’ SimCity received its first major update earlier this week which was being implemented to issue a ton of fixes to the game that would help make the user experience better. The SimCity 2.0 update came and it certainly did fix what EA said it was going to fix, but it looks like it may have introduced a number of new issues based on player feedback.

The SimCity 2.0 update is reportedly causing increased levels of sewage, the dreaded spontaneous pollution that we hope to never experience in real life, taxis which are crowding cities, firetrucks that seem to no longer want to fight fires, buildings that never seem to finish being built and production rates slowing down while in Cheetah Mode.

As of now, EA has yet to comment on these new issues which have come up in the latest SimCity 2.0 update. It seems no matter what, neither EA nor Maxis can get a break from the ongoing drama they’ve been caught in the middle of since SimCity was released. Considering the game will soon be released on Mac this June, we’re sure its launch will in no way go as smoothly as they probably expect it to.

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