Ps Vita Review GamesWhen the Sony PlayStation 4 was announced earlier this year, one of the features that Sony was boasting about at the event would be Remote Play. Basically this allowed Vita owners to play games on the PlayStation 4 on the handheld console, which sounds remarkably similar to the Nintendo Wii U where the secondary screen can be used to play Wii U games if the TV is in use by someone else. In any case this compatibility and integration with the Vita was more or less expected, and according to Sony’s president of Worldwide Studios, Shuhei Yoshida, it seems that both the PlayStation 4 and PS Vita were developed simultaneously, despite both devices being released at different dates.

This was revealed in the latest issue of Edge where Yoshida explained that work on the PS4 began as soon as the PS3 was released. We guess this is normal since companies can’t expect to sit around and wait for a few years before beginning R&D on their next project. “PS Vita was a shorter project compared to PS4 […] but Mark and Worldwide Studios were involved in both projects, and we worked on both projects simultaneously.” If this is the case, we can certainly look forward to seeing tighter integration of the Vita with the PS4, but unfortunately apart from the information provided at the launch, not much else is known about the feature for now, but hopefully additional details will be revealed in time.

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