It appears that iTunes Store links are missing from Google Search results and other links are being ranked higher than usual. This has been spotted by many users and the hype has turned the issue in to a conspiracy theory of sorts, as some have the idea that Google is purposefully excluding them from search. Google has now officially commented to this problem, saying that iTunes Store links are not being fetched due to technical issues.

Google says that it has been having issues fetching pages from iTunes web servers, this is resulting in links disappearing from search. It further states that they’re working with the team in order to ensure that users find what they’re searching for. Google drops the rank of pages that have duplicate content, it is possible that iTunes Store links are being dropped due to this reason. Rankings for various iTunes pages might have been split, causing the links to not rank on the first page, where a search user would normally expect to find them. Hopefully Google will be able to roll out a fix soon.

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