The White House, through its official Twitter account, has announced that it now has an official Tumblr Page. It also promises that there will be GIFs, though doesn’t elaborate what kind of GIFs will be uploaded to this page. Perhaps we will get to see President Obama fist bump White House staffers? We’ve also been promised amazing pictures of Bo, who is the first family’s dog, “wonky charts,” some iconic quotes from the President and details of interesting things going on inside the White House that can be publicly shared.

This administration is in no way a stranger to social media. They’ve heavily relied on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ in the past, and still do, to engage with people. The President also did an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session on Reddit late last year. The White House will also be taking submissions via the Tumblr submission tool, advice and questions to engage with readers. It goes without saying that some of us are actually excited about GIFs coming out of the White House, one can only wonder what they’ll show us!

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