gta-5-Cash and Carry by Sea

Rockstar Games has been slowly sending out updates for its upcoming Grand Theft Auto 5 as we saw a number of new screenshots released late last month as well as the game’s official box art highlighting the game’s three lead characters. Today, Rockstar takes a closer look at two pieces of art from the box art which we’re sure you’re going to want to take a look at.

The two pieces of art Rockstar is highlighting show two of the three lead characters in Grand Theft Auto 5 as Michael can be seen riding a jet ski in front of a shoreline amusement park, while Franklin is riding a dirt bike through a canal while looking back and clutching at his weapon, which we assume means he’s being chased.

gta-5-Cash and Carry by Land

Both pieces of art from the game’s final box art do a great job at representing not only the various vehicles we can expect to maneuver in Grand Theft Auto V, but also show the difference in locations. We can’t wait to hear more about Grand Theft Auto 5, and we’re sure any little bit of news regarding the upcoming game is something you’re looking forward to as well.

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