In recent months we have heard both U.S. and China bicker back and forth on cyber attacks originating from the other’s homeland, but now both of them will be collectively working on cybersecurity. U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, during a visit to Beijing, revealed that both countries had agreed to speed up action on cybersecurity and had also agreed to form a working group for the purpose. This development should put an end to the hacking accusations from both sides, but it is not clear as of now what the collaboration will result in. China’s Foreign Minister has been quoted as saying that both China and U.S. should make joint efforts so as to safeguard cyberspace.

Back in February a security firm based in U.S. released a report stating that the military of China had a secret unit which behind many hacking attacks against the country. On the other hand, China says that the country had been victim of cyber attacks from the U.S. on a large scale. Both countries will also be forming a working group that will be focused towards climate change.

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