ultra-mobileBack in October last year, we brought you word that Ultra Mobile would be offering an unlimited plan that would burn a mere $49 in your pocket each month. Well, the economy might be rosy for some, but for the most of us, we are still feeling the squeeze from increases in the cost of living, and hence here we are with another alternative mobile plan for those who need to make as much savings as possible, with a $19 monthly plan.


T-Mobile USA’s MVNO Ultra Mobile is keeping their fingers crossed that their new $19 monthly service plan will be able to snag the hearts, minds and wallets of those who are sitting on the fence with its low price. For $19, what do you get? Well, your smartphone will be able to enjoy 250 voice minutes each month, unlimited global SMS (which Ultra Mobile claims is capable of working on any mobile number across 194 countries), 50MB of high-speed data and $1.25 for international calling purposes. Do you think that Ultra Mobile has what it takes to succeed?

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