GmapsIt seems that the unofficial Google Maps app for Windows Phone 8 is hugely popular, and it is always nice to see the user community take the necessary steps to ensure that they remain on top of things at all times. In fact, the unofficial Google Maps app has just received a new version update, where it has been bumped up to version 2.1 this time around. gMaps is definitely not new to the platform at all, hence it is encouraging to see additional updates being published by the developer.

There will be two versions of gMaps available, where one of them is free, while the other is a pro version, with Windows Phone 8 support in tow now. One of the main attractions of this particular release would be the refresh that one can see in Street View, in addition to a host of improvements being implemented. Other major features that were affected in a positive manner include Latitude and Driver Mode, where you can enjoy a full 360-degree panoramic view of supported locations. Do bear in mind that the free version will be ad-supported, so if you cannot stand ads, then be prepared to fork out $2.49 for it instead.

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