1366790726Cases for the iPhone come in a variety of shapes and sizes, ranging from the bulky designed to protect your phone from anything ranging from a drop to the ground, to being rolled over by a car. Then there are the minimalist cases which might be more of a fashion statement than anything. In any case if you’re in the market for the latter type of case, V-Moda has the Metallo case which you might be interested in. As you can see in the image above, the Metallo case is definitely not of the former category, but at the same time we expect it will help protect your phone from scratches, although it will most likely mar the surface of the case in return.

According to V-Moda, the case has been machined from a single metal block and comes with a back plate that needs to be attached through the use of an Allen wrench (included in the packaging). An interesting feature which V-Moda seems to be advertising, is how when you slide your iPhone in/out of the case, it sounds like a sword being unsheathed, and “locking and loading a gun when installed” Apart from that, V-Moda has also decided to throw a guitar pick into the mix, perhaps to add value to the Metallo case which costs $101 to begin with. If anything the case looks pretty good, the gimmicky features aside.

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