T-Mobile announced its new pricing plans a few weeks ago, and not only have mobile subscribers in the U.S. taken notice of their contract-less plans, but also competing carriers are also keeping an eye on the fourth-largest wireless carrier in the U.S. One company that is keeping an extremely close eye on T-Mobile is Verizon, specifically CEO Lowell McAdam who recently said his company is open to considering a contract-less future.

During Verizon’s “Powerful Answers” event yesterday, McAdam voiced his opinion on T-Mobile’s recent change. “I’m happy when I see something different tried. We can react quickly to consumers’ shifting needs.” This doesn’t necessarily mean Verizon customers should expect to run out to their closest Verizon store to take part in a contract-less plan, but it certainly does raise a few eyebrows towards a possible future of wireless carriers completely ditching contracts altogether. And if Verizon considers contract-less plans are in its best interest, you can be sure AT&T and Sprint will probably strongly consider this option as well.

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