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Verizon Considering Dropping Contracts Following T-Mobile's UnCarrier Plans
T-Mobile announced its new pricing plans a few weeks ago, and not only have mobile subscribers in the U.S. taken notice of their contract-less plans, but also competing carriers are also keeping an eye on the fourth-largest wireless carrier in the U.S. One company that is keeping an extremely close eye on T-Mobile is Verizon, specifically CEO Lowell McAdam who recently said his company is open to considering a contract-less […]

T-Mobile May Become A Contract-less Network This Month
T-Mobile may have received a lashing from AT&T in regards to their network, but the company may be one upping them as they’re expected to announce their contract-less system some time this month.According to TMoNews, T-Mobile could be planning to announce its new contract-less plans as early as March 4 to then go into affect on March 24. The “uncarrier” move will introduce a number of changes to make transitioning […]

Verizon 4G LTE to offer double the data for the same price
Verizon subscribers will be happy to know that come 8th of November 2011, Verizon will be offering a pretty sweet deal for the LTE subscribers, whereby they will double the amount of data they give you, meaning that if you were to subscribe to the 2GB a month plan, they will instead offer you 4GB at the same price. This is applicable to both new and current customers who are […]

Vodafone UK lowers iPhone 4S prices
With the iPhone 4S hitting over 1 million pre-orders on its first day, and shattering the iPhone 4’s record of 600,000, it is looking like the iPhone 4S is turning out to be quite the popular device after all, despite the lukewarm reception that it received when it was first announced. Despite the popularity evidenced by its pre-order sales, Vodafone in the UK has decided to help its popularity along […]


No New Every Two promo for Verizon customers
We previously caught wind of this via a leaked document and now Verizon has made the bad news official. The carrier has quietly changed its early upgrade policies, ensuring that the New Every Two program will be coming to an end for customers and after January 16th, meaning that new customers will not be enrolled in the New Every Two program and existing customers will not be re-enrolled after they […]

TiVo Offers Free Premiere With Two-year Contract
TiVo has some new pricing options for its range of set-top boxes, which means that customers are now able to pick up the TiVo Premiere for free up front, as long as they agree to a two-year contract at $19.95/month. A one-year contract of $19.95/month will only require the subscriber to pay $99 up front. In case you’re allergic to contracts, the Premiere will set you back $300, though monthly […]