3d-printed-eyewearBeing stylish is of utmost importance to some of us, think “The Devil Wears Prada” and you will get what I mean. Well, the 3D printing industry might be in its infancy at this point in time, but this does not mean that no quantum leaps in progress can be made. It is encouraging to hear that the 3D printing industry does not seem to be affected by the economy as there is no slowdown at all, considering projects such as the 3Doodle pen and 3D photo booths springing to life, but when will we see innovative 3D printed consumer products finally catch up? Marc Levinson, the chief executive officer of Protos Eyewear, has come up with a slew of 3D printed eyewear that is not only consumer grade, but will boast of, in their own words, “striking designs that are impossible to make through standard manufacturing methods.”

It seems that 3D printing was once considered to be a technique that was used primarily for prototyping, although more and more companies are experiencing a paradigm shift, hoping that 3D printing of goods can be sold directly to the market. Levinson’s 3D printed frames for San Francisco-based Protos Eyewear is a classic example of manufacturing process informing aesthetics.

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