It was back in 2011 when pilots of American Airlines started using an iPad app instead of printed navigation charts. Later that same year, in December, the FAA allowed AA pilots to use iPads in all phases of a flight. American Airlines is the only carrier that has been allowed to do this, pilots can use their iPads even when the aircraft is below 10,000ft. The airline has said that all of its 8.600 pilots will be touting iPads by the end of this month instead of the traditional 40 pound flight bags. These iPads will contain over 3,000 pages worth of charts and manuals that will be updated digitally.

American Airlines has also said that eliminating the need for those heavy flight bags has virtually eliminated the number one reason of pilot injuries. Not only that, it saves the airline over $1 million in fuel costs and makes it more eco-friendly as revisions don’t have to be printed on paper any more. The airline has also equipped 16,000 of its flight attendants with the 5.3-inch Samsung Galaxy Note which they will use to keep track of meal services for premium passengers, weather updates, seat assignments and a lot more.

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