American Airlines is certainly down with tablet fever, where they recently started to put Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablets as part of the package for their First and Business Class passengers, where those tablets will be able to tap into the inflight Wi-Fi service. Passengers aren’t the only ones who will be able “play” around with the Galaxy Tab 10.1 though, since pilots will also be able to have their fair share of fun, thanks to a new test program that will use an iPad. The specially made iPad app will actually be a special FAA-approved app that will provide the pilot with all the navigational information that are contained within the traditional flight bag.

According to American Airlines, the weight reduction will be around 35 pounds, which would eventually help the airline save over $1 million each year. Makes you wonder whether that projection is optimistic or not, as 35 pounds are clearly nothing compared to the variability of passengers’ luggage.

Don’t you think it is ironic that pilots can use iPads when passengers have to stow away their electronics devices? The FAA will be granting special permission to use the iPad app, and it just goes to show how memberships – or being in a position of authority has its privileges.

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