Many people were skeptical when BlackBerry announced its new devices back in January. It almost seemed as if the Z10 was off to a sluggish start, that coupled with the fact that the smartphone arrived in U.S. over two months late, many analysts were busy writing everything off. It was then reported that the return rates of Z10 in U.S. were abnormally high, the company took stern notice of this and claimed that return rates were in line with their internal expectations. A lot was riding on BlackBerry’s second smartphone, the Q10, which went on sale in Canada on the 1st of May. Jefferies Analyst Peter Misek claims in a note that this smartphone is selling quite well in Canada.

Citing store checks of various outlets in Toronto, Misek says that Q10 sales provide a very positive outlook and that it has solid momentum in its launch week. Many stores are selling out of units or are seeing extremely limited availability. Though it obviously remains to be seen if the major number of Q10 buyers are those who are shifting from a legacy BlackBerry to a new one that has a keyboard. Would the Q10 be able to do just as good in the U.S. or are the only people who will be buying it are those who’re merely upgrading to a better BlackBerry?

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