13.05.28-Proximity-1When it comes to features on a phone or tablet, sometimes they don’t have to be groundbreaking, just convenient, and thanks to an Apple patent spotted by the folks at Apple Insider, it is possible that eventually such a convenient feature could be making its way onto future iPhones. This patent has to do with the speakers on the iPhone, such as its external one and the receiver. Basically by making use of the various sensors in the phone, such as the camera, ambient light sensor and such, this patent describes a system in which the phone will be smart enough to detect how far away you are from the phone, and increase its volume accordingly.


For example if you’re on the phone and you decide it’s getting a bit too hot for your ear, you can always place it on the table and swap to speaker mode. However this usually involves you going, “Hang on a sec,” which while isn’t terribly inconvenient, could be made even easier. The patent will be able to detect when you have removed the phone from your ear and based on predefined distance, it will be able to automatically switch to loud speaker mode without you having to do anything! Like we said, it’s not exactly groundbreaking but at the same time we’re sure that this is a convenience that iPhone users wouldn’t mind seeing incorporated into the phones in the future.

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