Today in an interview with The Wall Street Journal Asus CEO Jerry Shen said that he was very optimistic about the sales of Windows 8 tablets. He says that tablets powered by Windows 8 will see a significant growth in sales this year, and to achieve that 7-inch tablets powered by Windows 8 are going to be essential. This is true to some extent as almost all major manufacturers have a low-spec variant of their tablets out with moderate price tags, take for example the Nexus 7, the Kindle Fire and the iPad mini.


Asus CEO also believes that prices of Windows 8 tablets will fall down to below $300, which too will contribute significantly towards bringing in new customers. It was previously rumored that Microsoft and a number of its manufacturing partners were considering developing a 7 inch tablet, but no such device has officially materialized as yet. Only recently Bill Gates said in an interview that iPad users were frustrated with the tablet, the statement is now being construed as an indication from the ex-CEO of Microsoft that all a user actually needs is the Surface tablet. Currently Windows 8 tablets are 10 inches or higher in size, having a mid-range and mid-sized device just might carve a respectable position in the market.

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